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Static Web Site

I've been very busy with Nick, my new Seeing Eye dog. I have also been working on my static web site, []. No telling what will turn up there. It is a more spontaneous place.

Getting A Second New Dog

It is hard to understand a person dog partnership. I have been in two previous partnerships before I came to school this time. They have been wonderful. My second partnership with Elwood started off rockily, but grew into something special. It was so hard to decide to end it.

When I received Chance as my new dog, I was disappointed. He was black, not yellow. He had a rough coat and he was kind of stubby. I couldn’t get a handle on his personality. He did what I asked. I couldn’t fault him for anything except his walking speed. He seemed slow.

Leisure Path

The leisure path is a 1/3-mile macadam path through the grounds of the Seeing Eye. There are two gazebos with benches where people can sit to enjoy the.the out-of-doors.

Saturday we walked the Leisure Path as a class. Sunday night I went out to enjoy a cool evening. But we got lost. Over and Over again we walked the last section of the path. I missed the turn to walk the entire course.


When we first get the dogs, we work on a simple route. It's a rectangle. Four streets one way, over one and then five streets. Turn down one block and then back to the downtown training center.

I have been working with a partner. Today we worked this route with our dogs without our instructor controlling or telling us the route

Chance considered turning into the yoga studeo. Some asanas might have been fun..

Tomorrow we start learning a new route.

Getting a New Dog

My new guide dog is Chance, a black retriever. His dad is all Labrador retriever. His mom is a Labrador and Golden mix. This works out to three Labrador grandparents and one Golden grandparent.

Chance looks more like an English lab rather than a field lab. As Elwood is on the field end of the spectrum, Chance is taking me a little while to get used to. His nose is shorter. He is chunkier. His coat is rougher. He appears to be shorter from shoulder to hip and his tail is more ropelike.

Chance's personality so far is chill. He basically does what I ask.

Bedens Brook

Mint covers my shoulders,
Scenting the air.
You stand, suspended over my chest,
Staring down at me.
I feel the slithering bodies of thousands of the unnamed invade my body.
I do not know where my head lies
Nor where my feet descend.
In my undulating body
I am nearly immortal.