And so the journey begins ...

And so the journey begins… On Friday on the bus.

This was the journey of the men. My bus driver to Milwaukee helped me off the bus, got my suitcase, showed me where the fence was and describe that it would bring me to the terminal. A young man offered to help. The driver explain to him that I had a cane. The young man plays football for the badgers. Might Uber driver was there in a flash and got me here all safe and sound. Well done Scott, David and Bobby

Two weeks prior, I took Uber for the first time. I told the woman who picked me up to drop me at the pickup/loading area of the bus station.

She said, “My mother didn’t raise me that way.”

After parking her car, she went into the station to look for help, returning with another woman. The second woman walked with me into the air-conditioned terminal and said she would return when my bus arrived.

After hearing my bus announced, the porter returned and escorted me to my bus where a third woman drove me home.

A Poem About This Ride

It was a beautiful sunny dayWhen the women united
To get me home
By just quietly doing their jobs
And being respectful to me.
Nothing flashy.
Nothing extraordinary
Except kindness and competency.