Getting a New Dog

My new guide dog is Chance, a black retriever. His dad is all Labrador retriever. His mom is a Labrador and Golden mix. This works out to three Labrador grandparents and one Golden grandparent.

Chance looks more like an English lab rather than a field lab. As Elwood is on the field end of the spectrum, Chance is taking me a little while to get used to. His nose is shorter. He is chunkier. His coat is rougher. He appears to be shorter from shoulder to hip and his tail is more ropelike.

Chance's personality so far is chill. He basically does what I ask.

I wasn't prepared for a black male. I was again asked about German Shepherd. I kept thinking black female because I preferred neither. I am thrilled I received another male dog.

The name Chance bothered me at first. It is unique enough. (After all, I had Elwood for nine and a half years.) Then my daughter-in-law wrote: "C'est bonne chance" on my Facebook page. Chance is luck in French. I can get behind luck. Sometimes I call him Chase, but then I catch myself.

I have changed to a short harness handle and my instructor prompts me to bend my left elbow. I hope both modifications to my approach results in Chance and me feeling each other through the harness better.