In Memoriam

I posted the following to our FaceBook friends on January 8, 2018. Elwood died on January 17th. His retirement family knew it was time. He spent the final afternoon of his life between them on the futon, eating treats and enjoying their petting and attention When a Labrador Retriever stops eating his regular food, you know it is time.

I am feeling both grateful and sad. Today is Elwood’s thirteenth birthday. Elwood and I were partners from November 27, 2006 until June 12, 2016. Last week I learned Elwood has an abdominal tumor. He is taking pain medicine which is working and receiving much love and attention from his retirement family. Here is the text from my first post about him: “Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. Elwood is a male yellow Labrador Retriever. He’s not a big dog. At the moment he is laying quietly under the computer desk. He hasn’t decided to like me yet. I’m okay when I bring food. He will be quite affectionate. When he forgets he doesn’t like me, he jumps in my lap and kisses me. Then he remembers he doesn’t like me, gets down and watches the door, hoping our instructor will come.”
Happy birthday, Elwood, with much love and appreciation.ˆˆ

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