Leisure Path

The leisure path is a 1/3-mile macadam path through the grounds of the Seeing Eye. There are two gazebos with benches where people can sit to enjoy the.the out-of-doors.

Saturday we walked the Leisure Path as a class. Sunday night I went out to enjoy a cool evening. But we got lost. Over and Over again we walked the last section of the path. I missed the turn to walk the entire course.

Finally, one of my classmates passed by and I flagged him down. He graciously offered to walk the entire path with me. On the final leg of the journey, Chance and I got way off on the grass. I decided to walk at an angle to intercept my classmate rather than go back and find the path.

That is when I discovered—and so did my classmate—that there is a row of bushes between us. I started walking down the row, looking for a break. Finding one, I started to step through and found cement. Then there was a drop off. I stuck my foot over, and not immediately finding the ground, I retreated and followed the bushes again. My classmate started walking back and we found the end of the bushes. There was a little hill and he helped me back onto the path. We discovered I had been standing on a retaining wall. The wall is 3-4 feet high in places.

In retrospect, I should have worked Chance down the bushes, stopping every few feet to assess the situation or just kept telling him to turn and he would have turned when he finally could have regained the path.

Monday morning I went out again. I felt uncertain we were going the right way. I went back and examined what was alongside us—metal fencing, bushes and a wooden fence made of planks—like on many of the horse farms around here. There is a parking area on the other side of the fence.

A woman parked her car and asked if I was looking for the building. (All staff, no matter what their function, are trained to help students.) I explained what I was doing and she gave me directions. She advised me when I was on the correct path.

 It is an embarrassing tale to tell, but I hope it will help me to rethink how I would solve a problem like this in the future and is a cautionary tale for others.