No Radio Here, Just Text

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Lion and Lamb

I'm proud to be Celtic today, but then I'm proud to be Celtic every day.

It was incredibly warm today. I wore a sweatshirt outside and was too hot.

We took a very long walk with panting and everything. We went to Regent Street via the Arbor item. Dogs and their people were everywhere and all the dogs misbehaved. I guess they are thinking it has been a long winter, too.

Rainy Day

It's been very warm here. It won't last, of course. Much of the snow has melted. There are large expanses of water to walk through. Elwood and I have been able to take some long walks. We've gotten very wet. yesterday i was able to go out only in a sweatshirt. But today it rained and we did not go out. Elwood was very annoyed with me. I've been annoyed with my computer so we haven't been good company for each other.