Waiting for a New Dog

I am waiting for my new dog. As each month comes and goes and I am not called for a guide dog class, I wonder more and more if I will ever be called. This probably has nothing to do with the truth. It just feels this way.

When the first tentative date passed, I realized how focused I was on my own needs.

When the second date passed, I confidently said I would probably attend the next class. I fooled myself into believing that was my class while telling everyone it was just a possibility.

Now it is quite likely this date will come and go and I will not be called.

Today I wonder if God wants me to learn something in this in-between time. I’m not sure what this might be. It may have to do with confidence in my travel skills or developing new competencies in mobility.

Another possibility, which doesn’t include any work for me, is waiting. The right dog for me isn’t ready for me. God has a plan and the time is not right yet.

Waiting is hard but as I have no say in the matter, trusting God that the right dog will come to me in the right time may be my spiritual discipline in the coming weeks and months.